Red Wine

Red Wine

Athens Private Label-Cabernet Sauvignon

Dry Full-Bodied-Napa Valley, California

Robust and full bodied with medium earth tones, Pairs well with Lamb, Steak and Pork filet

Pinot Noir, Robert Mondavi

Light-Bodied-Private Select-California

Pinot Noir, Mirassou


Kourtaki Vin De Crete

Medium-Bodies Soft and Savory-Dry Red-Crete, Greece

Pairs wonderfully with Pastas and Grilled Steaks and Beef Souvlaki

Ruffino Chianti

Medium-Bodied Soft and Savory-Italy

Diseno Malbec

Medium-Bodied Soft and Savory-Argentina

Kouros- Patras Nemea

Full-Bodied and Robust- Nemea Greece

Dry red with a core of fresh berries and plum flavor
Pairs with roasted meats, Lamb or cheeses

Hatzi Michalis

Full-Bodied, and Robust- Dry Red-Atalanti Valley, Greece

Grecian Cabernet has a medium bodied structure which is supported by its red currant and dark berry tastes
Pairs with Lamb. Grilled steak, Beef Souvlaki and flavorful cheeses

Zinfandel Ravenswood

Full-Bodied and Robust-California

Merlot, Blackstone

Full-Bodied and Robust-California

Toasted Head

Full-Bodied, and Robust-Untamed Red-California

Shiraz, Ravenswood

Full- Bodied, and Robust-California


Cabernet Sauvignon

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